Laurie Knudson

Placing the client's needs FIRST, as well as educating the customer has proven to be key to successful transactions in my business. Having a broad range of activities in business and real estate, as well as my teaching experience, allows me to identify with complex situations with an eye towards WORKING THE SOLUTION, NOT THE PROBLEM. I specialize in online social media marketing for business as well as brand relationship building. I teach throughout the metro area topics that include social media marketing and CRM/database management. Specialties include: Real Estate Sales, Digital Marketing/Social Media, Educator, Corporate Training, Business Relationship Building, Team Management, Leadership & Public Speaking. Go to:

Realtor since 1992

There have been ups and downs in the economy, and Laurie has been a part of the housing industry through it all. In the 1990's, interest rates came "down" to 9%, and people were thrilled to get a rate in single digits. In 2006...people were wondering where the top would be...and in 2007 and 2008...we began to see it all fall apart. Laurie has weathered through these good and bad times and guided folks to the best path possible for their situation. While there is no crystal ball, we do have experience and market trends that guide us. Laurie is one of the best at studying the statistics and trends, and acts as a trainer to other agents in this study as well. You can rely on Laurie to bring you the most up to date information for your buying or selling needs.


As one of the premier digital marketing technology trainers in the region, Laurie manages and develops classes that specialize in bringing marketing concepts, programs and ideas, to real estate and business professionals working together, to bring a better product to the consumer. In addition to real estate education, Laurie conveys marketing strategies designed to break down the concepts into basic steps adding co-branded and networked business news and insights via internet whenever possible. Laurie has over 25 years of experience in the real estate and housing industry. She is able to cut to the nitty-gritty of what real estate industry experts need to know to get their marketing message out to their customers in a smooth and automated manner. Specializing in, SEO, Facebook, LinkedIn, PInterest and YouTube (to name a few), her leadership continues to offer momentum and excitement at a level few others have ever seen. Laurie leads instruction designed to grow business, and foster relationship building with customers.